Tips in Decorating Your Bedroom

When decorating your bedroom, make sure that it is cozy in appearance. Bedroom is where you spend 1/3 (8hours) or more of your day so it is the place in your house wherein the atmosphere should be the most relaxing. To attain this, it is important to invest not only in your mattress and linen sheets but in your other bedroom furniture as well. Choosing the right bedroom furniture can make your bedroom a small cozy world where you could rest and unwind after a day’s work.

If you are buying new furniture, measure your bedroom first and see if there would be spaces for the furniture and enough spaces to walk around your bedroom. The furniture should also complement the color of your bedroom wall and floor. It is important to have an extra cabinet or storage inside your bedroom for your magazines, books, linens, extra pillows, etc.

If you want dark curtains for your bedroom, then your bedroom walls should be light colored. If your walls have a darker shade, then you should have a little lighter curtain to lessen the contrast. It is best to choose your fabrics first and base the color of your walls from it, then choose furniture that will complement the color and theme of your bedroom.

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