Tips on Choosing the Right Shopfitter for Your Business

shopfitterHaving a strong business plan and marketing strategy is a major component of your business. However, you also need the business to look appealing and to be outfitted with the proper equipment. Choosing a shopfitter to assist with the job is wise, but what qualities should you look for when hiring one of these individuals?

A Broad Knowledge Base

The shopfitter needs to help you with the equipment and placement of equipment for the store, but this person also needs to have a strong eye for interior design. If you choose someone whose knowledge sways too heavily to one side and ignores the other, then you might wind up with a business that looks rather unbalanced. Look for proof that he or she is well-versed in all areas of shopfitting.

Preliminary Consultation

When you have narrowed down your selections to just a few, you should invite them to your business for a preliminary consultation. Pay attention to what they do and how they treat the business space. If they are planning to continue working for you, the shopfitters should be taking measurements of the business space and noting where certain features should go. Of course, they might not know to do this unless you say you want to get an idea of their work.

Ask for a Portfolio

Hearing a person discuss how he or she can really change around the vibe of your business is much different than a person actually executing the plans. Therefore, you absolutely must ask for a portfolio of the work and for recommendations. You want to see how successful this shopfitter has been in other businesses. In fact, some of the businesses that he or she has worked on might be ones that you already know and are impressed by around town.

A Balance of Input

Chances are, you have some ideas about how you want your business space to look and the types of equipment that will be used. While the shopfitter is the expert, this does not mean your opinion should remain untouched. Find out how willing the shopfitter is to work with you and if he or she will take your input into consideration. You do not want someone who is going to create a design that exudes all of his or her personality and none of yours.

The Cost

Remember, in many cases, having a shopfitter is a luxury. You could, if you needed to, take care of the interior design and other interior elements by yourself or with minimal assistance. Since this service is not always a necessary one, you want to work on selecting a price that makes sense for you and that will not leave you with little money when the business doors open.

Choosing a shopfitter is something you may want to do to really help amplify the appeal of your business and to make sure it’s the right fit for customers.

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