Tips on Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is both exciting and stressing. First you have to set the date and the size of your guest list then choose the venue if it’s a church, garden, or beach wedding. Then decide if it is a dinner reception, a luncheon reception, a morning or an early afternoon reception. This part of your wedding plans has a big effect on your budget. Don’t forget that the dinner reception is the most expensive.

Then you have to look for the design of your wedding gown or you can design it yourself. You can hop on textile stores and choose the cloth and laces you want. And if you are that meticulous when it comes to your foot wear, look for the right shoes that best fit your gown. And of course, hop on jewelry stores for your wedding rings.

Next to contact are the vendors of services like the flowers and bouquets, video and photographs, wedding invitations and cake. Don’t forget the catering service. Most of the catering services scheduled free taste. It is best to taste the food yourself before choosing what to serve your guests. The amount of the food, flowers, wedding invitation and the size of your cake will be determined by the number of your guests. Ask for quotations and compare prices. Viewing their work yourself before the wedding is a must.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. I suggest you plan it together at least six months earlier or the longer, the better. The more time you have, the more time you can choose the right services for your budget. Plan your wedding well to avoid unexpected mishaps and disappointment.

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