Tips on Stretching Your Money

We received unexpected blessings on the last quarter of 2009 and we are very grateful. But then, we still tied our belts and did not spend much. We need to save for we did not know what is in store for us this year. We just allot certain amount each month and trying our very best to stretch it. Here are some tips on how to stretch your money:Buy your food and household needs in markets rather than in supermarkets and groceries. Prices are lot cheaper in markets plus you can ask the vendor to lower the prices of the goods. Do your groceries once a month and buy in bulk. Don’t buy much of the perishable goods.

If you are going somewhere nearby, walk or bike. Hubby is biking everyday from our house to the subdivision’s gate. He’s leaving his bike in the guard house then he walks from the gate to the bus stop. That’s where he rides a bus to the office. He’s saving P800 ($18) a month.

Cut what is unnecessary on your monthly bills. Unless you are earning from the internet, have your internet connection cut. Or have your cable cut for you can download movies for free on the internet. Conserve water and energy so you can spend less on your water and electric bill.

Consolidate your loans. Take out one loan to pay off your other debts. Debt consolidation loans can help you save money. This is advisable for your credit card debts because debt consolidation loan has fixed and lower interest rate.

Hope this tips could help you. It’s not hard to stretch or save money. All you need is discipline and motivation.

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  1. Great tips. I agree with you, Ros.

    Happy New Year to you and your family..

    That's alright if you havent visited my blog coz I understand naman. Sometime ganyan din ako di maka pag hop coz Im busy too.

  2. thanks for the Tips Rossell. I really need some advise on how to save more. I am aiming to have at least 6 months emergency fund this year.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Bambie dear ? says:

    great advice…

    happy new year dear =)

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