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Tips to Keep You Safe

“REPOST: MAKATI POLICE. This msg is for every girl who goes out from home, office or school alone. if you find any child crying on the road showing his address & asks you to take him to that address, take the child to the police station & dont take him to that address. Its a new way of gang, to RAPE women/teenage girls. Pls forward 2 all female or boys having sisters/gf. Our 1 msg may save a million. PLEASE SPREAD!”

This warning from Makati police is now spreading on Facebook and I was one of those who reposted it. It is a new modus operandi. I am not sure if this is true or not but one thing is for sure, there is always danger outside as there is danger at home so we must be alert and vigilant at all times. Many get robbed, conned, kidnapped, raped every day most especially in Metro Manila and its suburbs. Just last week, a neighbor of ours was victimized by “Budol-budol Gang”. He easily gave the woman she doesn’t know fifteen thousand pesos ($350). I am afraid that there is no safe place in the world anymore. But still, you can do many things to keep you safe. Here are some tips that may help to keep you safe:

1. When walking outside with bags or belongings, hug/hold them tight and always anticipate that someone will snatch them.

2.  If the robber asks for your wallet/purse, do not hand it to him. Toss it away from you. Chances are he is more interested in your money so he will go for your wallet/purse. It is then your chance to run like mad away from him.

3.  If you are getting into your car in a parking lot or garage, look first around you then look into your car and make sure that there’s no someone inside. Then get into your car, lock the doors and leave at once. Never get near into any parked vehicle.

4.  Avoid dark corridors/hallways and always take the elevator instead of the stairs. These are horrible places to be alone and the perfect crime spot most especially at night.

5.  Do not go alone on places you are unfamiliar with.

6.  If you wake up in the middle of the night and hear suspicious/weird sounds, do not go out to investigate. Contact the neighborhood watch or authorities in your area and have them check the sound.

6.  Contact authorities immediately if there is suspicious or unlawful activity in your neighborhood.

7.  Scream, run and fight if anyone tried to grab you.

Seems like the bad elements have never ceased to disturb us. It is better to be watchful and paranoid than to be sorry in the end.

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