Today’s Men and Fashion

Fashion has improved a lot since it was first introduced in Europe about the 14th century. The development, progress and prosperity of a country had attested to its evolution over the years. Today not only women are updated on the latest fashion trends but men as well. Men are now conscious and interested about fashion. Though present-day fashion for some men are still fairly conservative, most of men do not want to be down when it comes to fashion.

Men are now concerned on the way they look and meticulous in choosing their wardrobe especially on formal clothing or mens suits. They become particularly in style, fabric and color and they have their choice when it comes to the quality of their purchase. They prefer casual suit that is very versatile which can be worn on formal occasions or on a casual day at work. They also learned to mix and match for a more in-look. They sometimes partnered the top suit with their jeans or the bottom with a shirt. They are also familiar with dos and dont’s in men’s fashion like matching the color of the pants and socks, belts and shoes, etc. Today, men devote more money, time and energy to improve their look.

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By Rossel

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