Tongues of the World: Understanding Languages Across Oceans

The interconnectivity enjoyed by people today makes it possible for people across oceans to communicate with each other. It’s an exciting world indeed with such sharing of cultures and experiences even for those people who do not have the time or money to travel to other countries. Learning other tongues is now more relevant to students and even adults who are interested to interact with people from other countries. Aside from learning languages for recreation purposes, this is also important for businesses from various industries. In these cases, the services of translation consultants like those at are often necessary. It cannot denied that the ability to speak or read another tongue is an advantage both in personal and in business situations.


Aside from going to a language school or listening to audio tapes to learn a foreign language, people who want to understand specific materials not in his native tongue could avail of the following services:

1. Written Translation Services. This is the most common type of service required by people in various fields. Academic papers, legal documents, textbooks, and technical manuals are often sent to linguists for translation to a language that the end user can understand best. Raw documents may be sent to the translator online or through courier. The translated document is usually available after a certain number of days or perhaps even weeks depending on the complexity of the original document.

2. Phone Translation Services. These are availed of by those who need to immediately have their material translated. This is also the kind of service that is availed of by businesses and agencies with customers from different parts of the world. Normally, these translators would have the capability to translate over a hundred different languages.

3. On-site Translation and Interpreting Services. This involves having an interpreter present on-site to facilitate communication with someone speaking a foreign tongue. Beauty pageants are popular for their use of on-site interpreters. The academe as well as the business sector are also among those who make use of this service most frequently. With the availability of various tools both for individual and for commercial use in translating languages, it is not difficult at all to understand someone speaking another language. Now, that makes information sharing more extensive and the world a whole lot more interesting.

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