Top 5 Cities to Hold Business Conferences

A successful conference is highly dependent on the city where it’s held. Not only should there be the right mix of venues to facilitate potentially thousands of people, there should also be a sufficient amount other amenities, transport and entertainment options geared for the needs of business travellers. Corporate travel specialists such as FCm Travel Solutions can arrange travel plans to a number worldwide destinations, and for business travellers, these 5 cities listed below are some of the most popular destinations for those travelling to attend a conference.

1. Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas
Las Vegas is the top destination for trade shows.

With more than 60,000 hotel rooms, and an entire economy built around the needs of business and leisure travellers, there’s more to Sin City than just gambling. Throughout 2014, Vegas hosted more than 5 million conference delegates. In North America, and beyond, Las Vegas is top of mind as a destination for trade shows, award nights, and many business related events. It’s proximity to California, the world’s 6th largest economy, makes the glitter strip a logical choice for many American industries hosting their annual conferences.

2. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the Germany’s leading locations for industry.

Germany’s capital is home to a variety of industries. From pharmaceuticals, renewable energy technologies, manufacturing and biomedical engineering, Berlin is emerging as an influential world city and a strong economy despite other European capitals languishing since the GFC. With a number of cultural attractions and well-established infrastructure for visitors, Berlin also offers value for money when compared to many other European centres.

3. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is a great place for cultural attractions as well as for trade and business.

As a major South American political, cultural and trade capital, all the signs are pointing towards Buenos Aires being open for business. With a cosmopolitan restaurant and dining scene, and a multicultural mix of residents from around the world, Argentina’s capital is a welcoming and appealing choice for business events of all varieties. A recent growth in infrastructure, including the Golden Centre which features several ballrooms and meeting rooms to accommodate more than 2000 people, all helps to cement Buenos Aires as an attractive option in the eyes of world trade and business.

4. Sydney, Australia

Sydney Australia
Sydney is Australia’s premier global city.

Even though the Emerald city is often thought of as a city for pleasure seekers rather than businesspeople, Sydney’s stunning harbour and well established infrastructure offers something for business and leisure travellers alike. Set for completion in 2016 is the 60-acre International Convention, Exhibition and Entertainment Precinct, offering an increasing amount of potential space to stage business related events. With a reputation for creative industries including design, and innovation-based businesses, Sydney is an emerging global city in the Asia Pacific region, and one that’s increasingly being considered for its business potential.

5. New York, USA

New York
New York City is home for hundreds of food festivals, cultural events and business conferences.

There’s no doubt that the Big Apple is expensive, but it’s also well-situated for the majority of global business meetings held in the northern hemisphere. With three airports, and fantastic subway and train networks, not to mention being one of the world’s most recognisable metropolises, it’s easy to see why the unique flavour of NYC captures the hearts and minds of those planning business events.

The city is home to hundreds of events nationally and for good reason. It’s the city that never sleeps, and home to more than 90,000 hotel rooms. For those with the imagination, New York also offers the potential to stage business events outside of the conference room, with many events held in and around the city’s iconic sites. There’s no doubt for those wanting their business event to be big and bold, New York offers the large scale space needed, including the Jacob K Javits Convention Centre, spanning an impressive 5 city blocks.

The best city for your business event all depends on the location of your business, your customers and suppliers, your budget, and the style of event that is to be planned. These are just a few of the top cities for business conferences, but there are a number of other emerging cities suited to staging business events as an ever increasing number of cities compete for the almighty business dollar.

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