Top 3 Pieces of Dirt bike Riding Gear

Before you go looking for motorcycle aftermarket parts online for your dirt bike, make sure that you have all the necessary riding gear to keep you safe. While there is some debate over the best dirt bike riding gear as far as brands are concerned, most riders can agree on the essentials. Do you know what those are? Sure, the most obvious answers are a helmet, boots and gloves, but what else? If you already have your head, hands and feet protected, what else should be your concern?

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1. Neck Brace

The top priority, after protecting your head, is to protect your neck. Dirt bike riders take more spills than most other motorcycle sports, and they can face plant, which, beyond their head and face, puts a tremendous strain on their neck and spine. With hypertension or hyperflexion of the neck being common threats to riders, it is no surprise that neck braces have become more prevalent in recent years. While these braces might not be necessary for every rider, especially those who are only interested in leisurely rides through the trails, they are incredibly important to those riders who enjoy racing with a fair bit of risk thrown in.

2. Body Armor

Body armor is often debated over because, while it offers significant protection of your vital organs, it can be somewhat cumbersome and restrictive. However, it should be noted that some restriction is the point. When riders crash or spill, they often land in peculiar positions, and they can often be thrown into areas with branches and other blunt or sharp objects, which can penetrate the flesh and puncture your organs or even sever the spine. Therefore, body armor and chest protectors help to ensure that you can walk away from most spills without life-threatening injuries. Now, depending on your style of riding, it is possible that a lightweight option might be better than the heavy-duty pieces, but just keep in mind what you are protecting before scoffing at the restrictiveness of these essential pieces of gear.

3. Elbow and Knee Guards

The last piece of gear on this list can also be considered one of the best scooter riding gear pieces as well. Elbow and knee guards are quite honestly essential elements for almost every two-wheel rider out there. However, again, since dirt bike riders are more prone to spills, protecting their elbows and knees should be paramount. Elbows are often one of the first body parts to take the impact of a spill, second only to the hands. Therefore, elbow guards are intended to prevent serious scrapes and abrasions. Knee injuries are one of the most common types of injuries in any sport, and that doesn’t change for extreme motorsports. Therefore, knee guards help to prevent weird twisting and turning while promoting stability and flexibility. When exploring the world of dirt bike riding, always protect yourself with guards.

Most riders know that a helmet, boots and gloves are essential to any style of riding, but when it comes to dirt bike specific gear, you can’t ignore the other essentials. Neck braces, body armor, and elbow and knee pads offer superior protection for a sport prone to spills and accidents, so if you are planning on hitting the mounds, get out and buy some extra protection.

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