Toys for Christmas

When I asked RJ what she wants for Christmas, she promptly said Ken, Barbie’s friend. Toy again?! She is big girl now but still she is so amazed with toys. Well, I cannot blame her because toys are so much fun and as I look at the marvels of the world today, I can say that children are very lucky with all those gadgets to kill their boredom and amazing toys to play with.

Now I know what to give my god children on Christmas, toys, toys and toys. So what are the 2010 Christmas toys? For sure there are news toys out in the market again but what I want are those with fantastic and superb features that will capture the child’s wild imagination. Educational toys are top of my list too. I think I really need to do my shopping this weekend or else I would be on a Christmas rush.

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  1. Yes, toys will forever be the most favorite presents of children. Toys afford them to daydream about so many things and adventures. Although parents would want to give their children more practical gifts like clothes, children still prefer to receive toys especially on Christmas. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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