Traditional versus New Ways of Advertising for Modern Businesses

The landscape of media and advertising has definitely changed over the past decades. Even industry studies show that the ad spending on traditional media advertising has considerably decreased. With the presence of new ways of advertising for modern businesses, is there still value in traditional advertising using conventional tri-media? The answer is a definite yes. It’s not a matter of one or the other. It’s not a battle between the traditional and the new. It’s all about the various modes of advertising complementing each other. Traditional advertising can support modern advertising and vice versa.

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Among the new ways of advertising for modern businesses are online advertising modes. The realm of online advertising is vast and diverse, with options as simple as link advertising to as complex as affiliate advertising. These work well for businesses that only operate online. While their operations are limited to the internet, this should not stop them from using traditional tri-media to draw their target market to their website. Advertising on television or printing out and distributing flyers with the website address can very well work in increasing traffic to an online business website.

In a similar manner, a bricks and mortar store can advertise online to invite people to visit their stores. They can do email blasts of special discount coupons that can be printed out and presented at the checkout counters in their stores. Businesses can also hold social media campaigns tapping their target customers using geo-tagging services. Announcements of in-store promos and events can also be done through online advertising. Getting customers to talk about their businesses in various online venues is actually a good way to drum up excitement and increase store visits.

There are clear differences when it comes to implementing traditional advertising and new ways of advertising for modern businesses. More than the mode of advertising, businesses will have to think about giving more value to their customers whether online or offline. They also have to consider how their advertising initiatives will reach more people and consequently result in more revenues. The bottomline, after all, is still the relationships created and revenues generated by advertising, whatever mode it may be.

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