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Transporting Your Livestock: The Basics

During a normal day on a farm, people have to transport vehicles, goods, materials and animals from the premises to a certain destination. Apart from the trucks which are in charge or tracking, a trailer is also needed to transport the actual items.

There are various types of trailers, each having its own utility and characteristics. For example, livestock ones for pigs and sheep are aimed at transporting these animals, while ensuring that the safety standards are met and the regulations set by the EU are respected. This prevents the animals from being harmed in any way possible throughout the journey. These vehicles are made of durable materials and the floors are produced using welded aluminum.

Depending on each farmer’s needs, the trailer’s capacity varies so that both large and small amounts of stock can be moved.

transporting livestock

Another option for farmers who also need to transport machinery or other goods and materials is the livestock demountable trailer. This can be used for both animals when necessary and if materials have to be repositioned on the premises, certain parts of the trailer can be detached resulting in a flat bed vehicle. One important advantage offered by the trailer is multi-functionality, as it does not have to be used for one action in particular. The detachable parts enable it to be adjusted to each situation which might occur on a daily basis. Extras provided include the following: steel and aluminum ramps, headboards, spring assisted ramps, fitted spare wheels. Another bonus is the easy maneuvering of the side panels which can be fitted and taken off in just a few seconds. All trailers are provided with lock on systems which prevent materials and items from rolling and being lost along the way.

There are producers and sellers which specialize on farm vehicles and trailers. Livestock-trailer is one of them and provides customers with quality equipment which is built to last. They are well known for the innovations bought to the industry and recognized for the experience developed through many years of activity. This brand can be contacted via email through section on the website and customers can also find local dealers who sell Hudson trailers.

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