Travel Expenses Went Over Board

According to the records of Commission on Audit, President Arroyo and her delegation had spent some P2.3 billion from 2003 to 2007, when the budget for the period was supposed to be only P1.1 billion. President Arroyo overspent by P1.6 billion. That’s more than 100% beyond the allotted budget. Included here are the controvercial $20,000 dinner at Le Cirque in New York last week and the $15,000 meals at steakhouse. I wonder how they can spend such amount for meals while many Filipinos have no food on their table.
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  5. nice blog thank you

  6. I don't know what to say but that's very sad. Sad because they can afford to spend that amount and yet many filipinos experience hunger right at this very moment. Corruption is like a cancer…..only miracle can cure. I think our country needs a miracle. Take care friend.

  7. i hate her more when i watched this news on tv earlier

  8. that is so true… grabe talaga ang politicians noh!

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