Two Thumbs Up to Carlos Celdran

I accompanied RJ to their field trip yesterday. And guess who we saw in Fort Santiago? Mr. Carlos Celdran, the controversial reproductive health advocate who staged an action protest against the church who are opposing the reproductive health bill last September 30, 2010 by raising a placard before the altar of Manila cathedral with a sign bearing “Damaso”.

If you have read Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo then you know who Padre Damaso is. He is a fictional character in these two novels of Dr. Jose Rizal, who symbolizes the abusive friars during the 19th  century. I believe that the likes of Padre Damaso still exist. The church threatening Carlos Celdran with “excommunication” is just one example of the abuse of power. It is sad that until now they are here to stay, persecuting the likes of Jose Rizal.

I am a fan of Carlos Celdran. I wanted to have a photo opp with him but he was in the middle of his history lecture. So I just took his pictures and asked one mommy to take a picture of me with Mr. Carlos Celdran in the background.

I watched him while he was giving his lecture and I admire him more. Through his very brave action protest, he has not only drawn people’s attention to reproductive health bill but he got people’s interest in history as well. To you Mr. Calos Celdran, two thumbs up for keeping people’s interest in Philippine history and for exposing such bravery!

A big “YES” to reproductive health bill. If you want to support the reproductive health bill, click HERE.

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