Typhoon Hit Philippines Again

My husband helped me yesterday with our laundry. That’s a pile of our 1 week soiled clothes. Yes 1 week for it was raining again for straight 5 days. We have spin dryer but I am not contented with it. Still, I want our clothes to be dried under the sun. Yesterday, Mr. Sunshine is up again and hope it will for days.

Typhoon Kiko hit the Philippines last Thursday, August 6, 2009. Many areas were flooded again.

rice fieldsMalabon fish port
flooded area
stranded commuters
flooded schools

Sorry for the blurred photos. They were taken from the television, GMA news. According to PAG-ASA, there are still typhoons to hit the country before the year ends.

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  1. When I was a kid Ross we always got hit by typhoon. I was really scared when a strong winds blows. In fact one of my kababata got hit by a coconut leaves when the entire coconut tree fell on the ground and she was killed immediately. So sad. Thats why I got scared whenever i heard even typhoon word. Hope everything is fine there. Ingat.

  2. Typhoons are really a hassle.

    Have a nice Sunday, Rossel! 🙂

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