Unwanted Junk into Something Worthwhile

My heart goes to the families of those who have lost their homes, properties and loved ones in Japan’s terrifying earthquake. The 8.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan last Friday, March 11, 2011, is the strongest ever recorded in a nation that has been victim of seismic events. The said earthquake triggered a devastating 30 feet tsunami. To date, there are no definite figures as to the number of casualties yet as the disaster’s massive impact is only beginning to be revealed.

I suddenly remember the typhoon Ondoy (typhoon Ketsana) that hit the country last September 25, 2009 that caused flooding and left thousands of casualties and homeless as well. It is sad that calamities like that should have to happen for some people to learn how to lend a helping hand. The neighborhood in our subdivision donated old clothes, grocery items, foods, and even cash to those who were victimized by the typhoon and flood. In times like these, this is what the victims need the most, help from us who are fortunate enough to be spared from the calamities.

I believe that most people love to help. It is just that they have nothing to offer. But do you know that not only clothes, grocery items and cash can be donated? You can donate your old autos or cars too. Auto donations are not new anymore. This is how others turn their unwanted junk into something worthwhile. It does not matter if the car is running or not. What matters are the humanitarian help and relief it can provide to those who are in need.

If your car is taking up driveway space and disposing it get in your nerves, just donate a car. By doing so, you are not just getting rid of your little problem but you can also help in making this world a better place.

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