Using Mobile Business Tools As A Contractor

If you are used to working on the road as a contractor and have ported most of your communication tools to your smartphone or tablet, this is a very good time for you because there are new options that will meet your needs in almost every area of your business.

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Suppliers take note of mobile access

Although you could always use major retailers’ and wholesalers’ websites to pull the product information and details that you needed, recently, many of the companies that you purchase from have either created their own applications for Android or they have made their websites accessible from mobile devices to ensure that you are able to access them when you are looking for parts while you are on site. While both options make it easier for you, most tests show that if an application is available, it will prove to be faster to use and offer you more in the way of occasional discounts.

Payment made easy

Another hassle for contractor that allow customers to pay on terms is that it used to mean that you had to go back to your office and create an invoice so that they could have a record and start the clock on payment. No more. Companies like have created software for smartphones and tablets that allows you to invoice your customers instantly while you are on site. Even better, if the customer is residential and pays right away using cash or a check like they normally do, you will be able to provide them with an invoice bill or receipt that creates a way for them to see exactly what work was performed and why they are paying what they are paying.

Designers R U

Finally, if you work on exteriors and interiors and the client is not using an interior decorator, you are probably often asked to create color combinations or at least provide options for the customer. Chances are that because their own tastes will decide most of the final details, they would like some way to validate what it is that you will do for them before you get started. Fortunately, many of the paint companies have created emulators that allow you to take a picture of a wall and add their product to it so that you can see what the wall will look like in advance of you actually making changes to it.

Kitchen cabinet companies have also created similar software, making it simple for you to help your clients design what they are looking for in the comfort of their own home.

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