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Using Your Customer Database to Spread Christmas Cheer

Christmas is a good excuse to get in touch with your customers. It gives you a reason to “talk” to them on a more intimate manner. Like a friend remembering another friend and sending him Christmas greetings. Assuming that you have succeeded in building and maintaining your own customer database, you can turn to technology to spread your brand of Christmas cheer. Depending on what information you have about your customers, you can choose to tap your database to send SMS messages and email blasts. You can also come up with special apps or additional functionalities in your existing apps that would be extra helpful for your customers this season.

You can choose to tap your database to send SMS
messages and email blasts this Holiday season.

Your customer database is your invaluable tool in connecting with your customers. There is no excuse nowadays not to have at least the email addresses of your customers. There are various channels through which you can collect information from your clients. You can have sign up and subscription pages on your website. Or, you can have special promos specifically for lead generation. The social networks are also good sources of information about your customers. You can have online promos in these social networks to generate interest in your products and services. At the same time, these networks will allow you to have a database of “friends” and “contacts” within the network.

The simplest way to use your customer database to connect with your customers during the Christmas season is to send out SMS and email announcements of your Christmas sales. Invite them to take advantage of your special discounts. You can also have a social media network promotion wherein customers can post photos of the best use of your products and services this season, for example. You can reward the best photo with a specially bundled package of your products. You can also have a promotion that rewards those with the most “Likes” and “Shares.” This is a good way to populate your database even more.

You can get creative with the way that you use your customer database this season. From something as simple as sending out greetings for the season to cooking up the most exciting SMS and social network promotions, your efforts will surely be appreciated by your customers.

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