Vanity Kit

What I have inside my vanity kit that I bring with me everywhere I go are the following…

Avon fresh radiance make-up base (pink glow),  Simply Pretty pressed powder (almond), Avon eyebrow pencil (brown), eyebrow brush, Avon waterproof mascara, Simply Pretty lipstick (graceful nude), dental floss and mouth wash to always freshen my breath. Very basic, isn’t it? I love Avon products for they blend very well on my skin. I also love earth tone colors like almond, nude, brown, gray, etc. They match on whatever clothes color I wear.
I have many imported make-ups, all are gifts from relatives and friends. The one below is a gift from my sister. But I only wear heavy make-up on special occasions so I seldom use them.
Throughout history there have been attempts to ban women from using cosmetics, not for their health or safety, but because they were considered immoral or contrary to religious beliefs. Today, wearing make-up denotes a willingness to generate attraction. Women wear make-up to look more glamorous. By wearing make-up, they can also express their creativity and beauty and they take pride in their appearance thus boost their self-esteem. 
But do you know that most men prefer women who adopt a more natural look? Based on research one in five men wish their partner would tone down on the war paint while one in ten said they liked women who wear no make-up at all. And for some men, women who are wearing too much make-up are ugly underneath that is why they are hiding their real faces.
How about you? Which do you prefer, the natural look or wearing thick layers? Care to share with us what’s inside your vanity kit so we would know the answer? Just hit the badge.
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  1. Ever since na nag-asawa ako at nagka-anak ako di na akomasyadong nagme-make-up.hanggang lipgloss na lang talaga lol! Love your kikay kit,Mommy Rossel!!

  2. oh, awesome vanity kit…very organized..

  3. i prefer the natural look.. syempre pinay tayo, natural beauty ba.. 🙂
    happy happy birthday Ross!! hugs and kisses on your birthday! mwaaah!!

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