Vegetables and Tofu

After dealing with our favorite books last month, this month we are going to share the things that we mostly buy when we go shopping and the first week is about what we mostly get at the grocery isle.
Grocery shopping is one of our bonding activities. We go to grocery store for our supplies once a month so we always get the big items that last for a month or even longer. We both think that we can save a lot with the big items. When we go shopping what we mostly get at the grocery isle, aside from our basic supplies like canned goods and toiletries, are vegetables and tofu. We are not dieting anymore nor are vegetarians. It is just so happen that hubby and I both love tofu and veggies most especially the ingredients for stir-fry and salads. They are so delicious, full of health benefits and lot cheaper than meat. That is why I do not understand why most people hate tofu and anything green. Below is an example of a very healthy menu, stir-fry vegetables with tofu and quail eggs. You may click HERE for the recipe.
Also, you can see me often on spices and seasonings sections looking for new ingredients and brands. I love to cook and I love trying new spices.

How about you, what is your favorite item from the grocery isle? 
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  1. that stir-fried vegetables with tofu and quail eggs looks positively heavenly! vegetables being cheap here, we also like to cook it always, especially chopsuey, which thankfully paulie has learned how to cook properly. hee hee

  2. i love tofu, and best tlg xa for stir fry veggies, good thing pati kids ko kumakain din ng tofu, sarap kaya:)

    ginagawa ko pa sizzling (w/ veggies) ang tofu, try mo:))

  3. i love tofu as well, but i only get to eat it in moderation because i have high uric acid…

  4. I love tofu, kasi naman ako lang ang kumakain dito nyan. ang asawa ko eh meat lover, pati mga bata, hay! di ako pwede sa once a month, unless na me mga items akong binibili ko in bulk gaya ng mga tomato sauce, ketsup and such..

  5. ay Sis I so love vegies and tofu!! minsan nga fried tofu with soysauce saken ulam na masarap na!! hihi

  6. yummy naman nung vegetable and tofu na yan. Got an idea on what to cook for dinner.

    here's whats on my shopping list:

  7. love tofu.. I fried it first before adding to any dish.. I don't like it 'malata' hehehe…

    mine is posted at Woman’s elan vital

  8. Oo nga, masarap ang tofu at veggies..bakit nga ba ayaw nila?

  9. I love eating vegetables.. especially ampalaya and tomatoes. Though I'm not really fond of tofu. Hindi ko lang talaga feel kainin. Bakit nga ba? Hehehe…

    Happy GT Thursday!! Hope you could drop by my blog, and drop a comment, too.. Salamat. =)

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