Verbal Ability Test, Percentile and Stanine

I was cleaning the house this morning when I saw our daughter’s Verbal Ability Test Results…it’s above average with percentile rank of 87 and stanine of 7. I felt guilty because it is something to be proud of and not just keep in the drawer. I should have framed it and hung on our wall just like hubby’s plaques of recognition.

If you are wondering what verbal ability test is, it’s the test that measures the verbal-educational factor through a variety of tasks that call for the application of several processes to verbal, quantitative and pictorial content. While percentile is the comparison of the student’s score with the scores of others and reported as the percentage of all students who scored equal to or below the particular student’s test score. For example, a percentile rank of 89 means the student’s score is equal to or above the score of 89% of the total group of students in the norming population. The student belongs to upper 11% of all those who took the test.

The stanine on the otherhand indicates a given student’s level of general abstract reasoning ability when he/she is compared with the others of the same chronological age. A student earning a stanine of 7, 8 or 9 performed above the typical student of the same age, while a student earning a stanine 1, 2 or 3 performed below the typical student of his/her age. RJ got 7 which falls on above average.

RJ is smart and always make us proud.

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