Vietnam: An Exotic Destination for Backpackers

In recent years, the Southeast Asian region has become the top destination for backpackers, especially those who are coming from Europe and the Americas. The region offers a lot of scenic destinations, coupled with a hospitable population and a low cost of living, making all activities cheaper than their Western counterparts. One of the most frequented destinations in the region is Vietnam, a country that sits on 330,000 square kilometers of land. Vietnam can be distinguished on the map as the thin country beside Cambodia and Laos, and it is also bordered by the South China Sea to the East. Its tropical location made it a favorite among the tourists and the country’s tourism industry is booming in the last decade.

VietnamPhoto by Wild and Away on Unsplash

People who are coming from countries which are members of the ASEAN can enter the country without showing any visas. Several countries, on the other hand, were given exemptions, and one should check official websites to verify if their country is included in the list. Visitors who are entering Vietnam are also required to have their money changed, so that they can roam around the country without thinking about their funds. The currency of Vietnam is called the Vietnamese Dong, and one would easily realize how small the value of Vietnam’s currency is. This was the result of the political turmoil in the past that badly damaged the economy, but the country managed to reverse the effects of the wars that ravaged its territory and they are now among the top performing economies on the planet.

The Vietnamese people are known for their hard work, and a huge percentage of the population either has a job or manages their business. Entrepreneurs in Vietnam are taking advantage of the tourist influx, and they are trying to learn new things about the tourism industry to earn more profit that will be used by the government to improve social services. Many Vietnamese people have also become more aware of their finances, with some investing their money into the stock market or any other available investment option that would allow them to grow their wealth.

Vietnam has two major cities – Hanoi in the north, and Ho Chi Minh in the south. Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, and it is home to government centers, museums, and other attractions that would cater to tourists. Ho Chi Minh, on the other hand, is a sprawling commercial center that displays a huge influence from the country’s colonial past. The majority of the tourists are entering the country through the airports in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, before exploring the countryside.

Vietnam is divided into four main regions – Northern Vietnam, the Central Coast, the Central Highlands, and Southern Vietnam. Northern Vietnam is home to the national capital – Hanoi, along with the iconic Ha Long Bay and Ban Gioc Waterfall. The most magnificent views of the country can be found on the northern region, and the tourists are expecting a natural immersion when visiting the northern territories. People could also have a chance to interact with the indigenous tribes of Vietnam who are mostly living in the north.

The Central Coast is home to the most popular beach destinations in the country – with Da Nang and Nha Trang topping the list. Aside from the beautiful coastlines of the central region, one would also notice the existing traces of civilization left by the great Vietnamese Kings. Hoi An is also an emerging tourist destination because of its charming coastal architecture that attracts tourists from all over the world.

The Central Highlands is home to the most rural territories of Vietnam, and this is where tourists would see their lush forests and the country’s exotic wildlife. Southern Vietnam is the economic powerhouse of the country, led by Ho Chi Minh which has served as the headquarters for many Vietnamese and foreign companies. The southern region is also considered as the country’s rice basket, because of its location near the Mekong River.

The government of Vietnam is making a lot of effort to showcase the beauty of their country to the world. The Vietnamese people, in general, are very friendly, and they would love to assist tourists who are wandering inside their country. The Vietnamese government has been urging the public to consider Vietnam for their next holiday adventure, which will provide great memories and fun activities.

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