View from the Top: The Business Manager’s Perspective

For the modern business manager, taking the right perspective can spell the difference between success and failure. There are a lot of facets to running a business. While the business manager has to know what is going on in the different departments in the company, this does not necessarily mean that he has to deal with the nitty-gritty of things.

business manager's perspective

Taking a bird’s eye-view of the entire company’s operations is often necessary. This allows the business manager to see the entire picture and effectively steer the company towards the right course. For this to be possible, there are several things that business manager have to do:

Delegate – You do not need to do everything yourself. It is important for a business manager to delegate responsibility. This comes with hiring the right people with the right expertise. The business manager should be able to trust these people to manage their own teams and turn in the expected input. When there are people who are capable on the ground, the view from the top will definitely be pleasant.

Know Your Figures – Even if you do not get into the small details of daily operations, you should be able to analyze your operations based on your figures. Understand the components of your financial report and know what it means for your company. A keen eye for financial detail is important to spot trends, irregularities, and opportunities that deserve more of your attention.

Stay Updated – Keeping your company competitive should be your ultimate goal. You should keep abreast of the goings-on in your industry. There are online and offline resources for news and updates about your competitors too. Knowledge is indeed power. You can then cascade the knowledge that you acquire down to your department managers. Translating such knowledge into operational changes or improvements will make your company succeed in the face of competition.

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