Want to Know How to Remain Motivated at Work?

No matter what type of job you have or where you work, everybody suffers from motivation issues. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to wrongly identify what they’re motivated by, so from cash to praise, chocolate to promotions, motivation through materialism doesn’t always work.

Motivation is the key to being successful in life, and keeping your spirits high will also empower others to do the same. Motivation is crucial to productivity, and the more you’re willing to work to improve yourself, the higher quality that work will be. Purpose is also very important in sustaining motivation, so if you’re ever lost as to what you’re meant to be, then the following methods may be able to help.

Through copious amounts of research, scientists have uncovered a number of ways an individual can motivate themselves, and over the years these methods have even been proven or disproven. A new method has recently been discovered however, combining purpose, mastery and autonomy to reveal one of the most productive ways to remain motivated at work, as well as in life too.

The Reservoir of Grit

The need for water is much like the need for mastery, whether you want to be in control of your emotions, your weight or your motivation. Mastery keeps the soul alive, but a person must first learn how to cultivate accomplishment. This accomplishment, or ‘grit’, comes naturally in some people, and these are the individuals that don’t lose focus, drop out or forget their abilities.

Everyone has grit, but it’s whether you’re able to tap into the source that defines you. In order to find your grit and to re-evaluate your motivation, why not ask yourself what job you would do for free? If you’re self-employed or a contractor, make sure you contact Brookson, for help and advice when organizing your finances and job opportunities.

Where Can You Be Your Own Boss?

In mundane situations we sometimes become passive and inert, and this is a far cry from the curious and self-directed toddlers we once were. If only we could access that curiosity and motivation when we’re stuck at the bottom of the office pecking order. Research has shown however that people in jobs with the least power and responsibility actually develop a sense of autonomy, and this was because they performed outside the necessary needs of their job.

Take hospital cleaners for example. Those who were the most satisfied with their jobs were the ones that spoke to patients, helped nurses and introduced themselves to doctors. As soon as they started to re-evaluate and reframe their duties, they started to take control of their job and the motivation that comes with it.

Find Your Sentence

Some of the greatest men and women this world has ever seen have been remembered for what they’ve said as well as what they’ve done. Abraham Lincoln had one, and so did John F. Kennedy – so what’s yours? If you weren’t here tomorrow, how would others quote you, what would they say? Once you have a sentence in mind, make it your motto and tell others about it too. This way, you’ll remain motivated at work by reminding yourself of your personal values. 

This article was written by Lloyd for Brookson Accountants – specialists in providing financial services for contractors, small-businesses and the self-employed. 

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