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It is still more than a month before the school closes for summer break but seems like RJ’s bag won’t make it to the last day of classes anymore. RJ was complaining of a hole worn through at one corner of her bag thus I had it repaired. It was quite expensive so I thought it would last for a long time but I was wrong. The stitches are coming loose and it has faded quite a lot too. I must admit it is not as durable as north face bookbag just like that of my nephew’s. Now I know what to buy next school year and I won’t listen to RJ anymore when it comes to her bags. She is usually after the design and color (it has to be pink all the time  ).

I also want to consider wheeled bookbag to make RJ’s life easier next school year. She has 10 books, 1 journal and 8 notebooks which are too heavy when carried all together in one bag, but the wheels will get the bag off her shoulders.

You might be wondering why choosing RJ’s bag is a big deal for me. It is because I want something that is reasonably priced yet functional and sturdy. Most importantly, I’ve learned from the Consumer Products Safety Commission that many children are treated in emergency rooms every year for injuries related to backpacks. Backpack weight must be limit to just 20% of our child’s body weight to prevent injuries according to Orthopedic surgeons.

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