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5 Ways To Keep Your Work Vehicle Organised

When your vehicle is like a mobile office and workshop in one, it can be really difficult to keep it tidy. Trying to organise tools, safety equipment, paperwork and technology is no easy feat. Here are some easy ways to help you organise your work vehicle.

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1. Invest in a Service Body

If your work car is full of tools and equipment, it is worthwhile to spend some money on a service body. You can then put each item in its own place, making it easy to lay your hands on the exact tool you need, when you need it. Service bodies, such as those available from XL, are also lockable. Your tools will be safe during transport and when you are out and about. You may be able to claim the expense back as a tax-deduction, and your tools will have less wear and tear now they are secure.

2. Make Use of the Space Under Your Seats

Those small items that you need to keep in your car, but rarely use, have a new home. Most cars have space underneath the seats, between the tracks that control the position of your seat. This space is ideal for storing the service books (if they don’t fit in your glovebox) or a notepad for those days you need to write down customer details.

3. Store Your Paperwork Out of Sight

Whether it’s your registration and insurance papers or various receipts and invoices from jobs, paperwork quickly clutters up the car. Those papers are important and need to be stored somewhere they won’t accidently get thrown out, spilt on or torn. Pick yourself up a plastic sleeve or Filofax to store your essential paperwork in. A thin plastic sleeve is best as it can easily be stored in the glovebox, beside the seat or in the side pockets. Be vigilant about putting your paperwork away as soon as you get it. That way you won’t have to pull every item out of the car looking for one receipt.

4. Install a Holder for Your Mobile Phone

Ever had your mobile phone slip out of your pocket and disappear under the seat? It’s incredibly frustrating and difficult to reach it when you are in hurry! If there is not a dedicated pocket for your mobile, installing a holder means you know exactly where your phone is when you are on the road.

5. Clean Out the Clutter

If you are prone to eating on the way to and from work, it’s highly likely your car will accumulate food wrappers. Regularly go from work to the gym? You might find your car full of odd socks or gym towels that have been left behind at the end of the day. Regular cleaning and de-cluttering of your car is a must to keep it organised. Your work vehicle may also become a receptacle for those loose bits of wire, hose and timber following the completion of a job. Get in the habit of cleaning out these items regularly.

It’s not an impossible task to keep your work vehicle organised. A few small adjustments can make a big difference to the cleanliness of your car. What are some other suggestions for organising your work vehicle?

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