Ways To Package Liquids Without Hassles

If you are importing or purchasing liquids for sauces or beverages, one of the primary questions that purchasing agents ask is ‘How can you ship it without worrying about breakage or added expense?’ Depending upon the type of liquid that you need to put into bottles or containers, there are several options that will help streamline your operations so that you save time and money.

diaphragm pumps

Here are some liquid packaging options that should make it easier for you to provide your customers with consistent service:

Use diaphragm pumps and a shipping bag:

It may sound strange but using a shipping bag or bladder that can be filled up inside a container is a pretty safe way of shipping liquids. Instead of potential breakage of containers that you will just be transferring from anyway, you get a very large bag full of the product that you are selling. Most companies then take Graco diaphram pumps and connect them to the bag, creating an impromptu production line. Diaphragm pumps are ideal for removing liquid from a large container and then making it available via a piping or tubing system so that it can fill smaller containers. Of course you can use a sophisticated filling machine that receives the liquid and then fills containers with the same amount of liquid each time. But if you are a smaller company, you will be happy to note that you do not need to do that in order to get your orders filled quickly and well.

Box or bag manufacturing systems:

For consumers, envelopes full of liquids and Tetrapack style boxes have replaced many canned goods at the top of their purchase list. In the past, the only problem was that the cost of the machinery meant that you would have to be a very large food company or you could not afford to use that type of equipment. Because of that, some companies have turned to Chinese or other Asian manufacturers to purchase machines that do the same thing for a much lower price. The key for manufacturers is to know the quality of what you are getting in advance. The better the quality, the more likely it may pay to look for long-term financing and grow along-side the equipment purchase.

There are several cost-saving ways that you can upgrade your manufacturing facility in order to produce liquid-based products. By investing upfront in new equipment, you will normally save money that will make the equipment purchases worthwhile.

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