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When I started blogging last year, I had no idea what URL, domain name and web hosting are. I used blogger platform so my URL had in it. Then a friend suggested that I should have my own domain name; my site’s name with just a .com or .net in the end. Do I need to have my own domain name? Is having my own domain name that really important? Through the help of some blogger friends and research, I finally understood the importance of having own domain name.

When your site has its own domain name, it sounds more credible. If your site is about the products or services you are offering, your customers feel that they are dealing with established company and professionals. Of course you will need to pay a web hosting company to host your website or blog but the small fee that you will pay for a year hosting is nothing compared to the benefits that you will get.

There are cheap web hosting for small sites like blogs and web hosting for small businesses and enterprises. Each type of web hosting has its pros and cons. A web hosting directory featuring webhosting reviews could be a big help in choosing the best web hosting provider. These web hosting reviews compare web hosting providers based on their rank, price, space, traffic and ratings of  customers. Though an advice from an experienced friend could help you decide, still, it is best to make your own research.

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up til now i need my wife's approval on everything i do online.. pati ang aking domain blogs.. hihihi

buti n lang may mga post na ganito.. thanks for sharing!

It is very informative post Ross. I am planning to buy a domain for my main blog and other blog. Thanks for sharing

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