Web Security for Online Shoppers and Retailers

Online retail offers a very convenient option for modern shoppers and the market for this type of business continue to grow each year. However, incidents of credit card fraud and identity theft raised security issues for transactions done on the web. Authorities have issued web safety guidelines for the consumers so they can continue to enjoy the benefits of online shopping without worrying about these issues.

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As an online merchant, you should also take responsibility in keeping your website safe and secure for your customers. Here are some elements that can help online retailers provide web security for online shoppers.


A website with encryption technology in place protects customer information by scrambling the data while it is being transferred from one computer to the other. Merchants that store their data in encrypted form provide an extra layer of security for their consumers. You can do this by installing an SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer Certificate) on your site. The URL will reflect an https and padlock icon once the SSL Certificate is in place. These two symbols can provide some level of web security for online shoppers.

Seal of approval from reputable third parties

There are online organizations that help protect online users by having their own set of guidelines and standards for privacy related practices. Merchants or online sites that adhere to these guidelines are given seals of approval. You can increase consumer confidence in your website by earning a seal from reputable groups like TRUSTe, Verisign, and Better Business Bureau (BBB) Online.

Privacy and Security Policies

Merchants can reinforce the seal of approval from third party groups by publishing their privacy and security policies. Being transparent on how customer information is used and protected helps build trust for the website.

PCI DSS compliance: The Payment Card Industry

Data Security Standard is a set of standards for control measures to protect the cardholder information of customers using credit, debit, and pre-paid cards. These requirements were defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council and merchants who accept card transactions are expected to comply.

Providing web security for online shoppers is a necessity for e-commerce entrepreneurs. It can provide a safe and secure shopping environment for customers and can protect the business from the costs of data breaches.

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