Weekend Blog Follower Caravan

Welcome again to Weekend Blog Follower Caravan. If you are wondering what it is, it is designed for bloggers to increase their followers and subscribers through the help of other bloggers. If you want to join us this week, here are what to do…

1. Please SUBSCRIBE and CONFIRM via EMAIL to our sponsors’ blogs: Pinay Mommy Online and OnlineBiz and Resources (subscribe at the sidebar).
2. Make a welcome post for other participants of WBFC # 18 to comment on. Make sure you place our badge on your post.
3. Comment on the welcome post if you have SUBSCRIBED and CONFIRMED. If you are already a subscriber, still leave a comment to know that you have visited.
4. Please remember to SUBSCRIBE and CONFIRM. Subscribing without confirming is useless. So please… CONFIRM.

Here’s my subscribe button…

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Thank you in advance!

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39 thoughts on “Weekend Blog Follower Caravan

  1. Hi! subscribed and confirmed using mochajava26 [at] yahoo [dot] com. Thanks for subscribing to my feeds. πŸ˜€ And thanks for all your help. πŸ˜€

  2. sowee guys since this is my first time, need pala ng subscription link…
    done with subscribing and confirming…
    pls visit back and subscribe too…

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