What a Shame

It is graduation month, the most awaited moment of the students and the parents as well. After spending four to six years in school, time to say goodbye to your teachers and classmates. Don’t be sad because you have memorabilia like class pictures and slum book. And of course you have your year book to browse over the years that will remind you  of your wonderful years as a student and how pretty you are on your senior year. Waaah! Not in my case. My year book reminds me of how bad I looked then.


Yes, this is my picture on our college year book that I would rather hide forever. See my hair? It’s a shame. I don’t know what crossed my mind to have it permed like that. I thought I would be pretty with that hair do but then it turned out bad. I remember I went back to the parlor to have my hair straightened but the beautician refused. He said it could be done after six months…and so I lived with those curls for six months. On exactly 6th month, I went immediately to the parlor and had my hair back to normal. What a relief!

Do you have pictures that you are hiding for years? Well, it’s about time to dig it from your treasure box and share it with us at…


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  1. oh my. lam mo ba na ung kinder grad pix ko ang pinakatago tago ko? i wasnt able to scan it hihihi. pero naker same prob tau.. kulot kng kulot ang lola mo hahahha

    but it doesn't look so bad ha.. u look so innocent nga eh 🙂 love it!
    nagkita nb kau ni fafa mo sa pix na yan?? 🙂

    anyways, the april theme is up na ha.. silip ka na if u have time!

    tc lagi!

  2. i hate my old pic too from highschool hehehe…just came by from Girls Talk

  3. You look absolutely fine girl I really like your curly hair… thanks for visiting my blog ha? hehehe

  4. Honestly i think you look kinda cute in that photo, with your hair permed and everything. Would not even notice your hair looking bad without you telling us, hehe 🙂 xoxo

  5. Naku, Rossel ako nga natural hair at alsado to the max. Imagine buong gradeschool, highschool at college life ko ang hair ko ay ganun..
    Kaya pasalamat talaga ako ta nauso ang rebond…

  6. Naalala ko ganyan din ang hairstyle ng Tita ko–super straight din yung hair nya tapos she did permed her hair tapos biglang sisi nya pagkatapos!Maganda naman ang pagka perm ng hair mo,iba-iba lang siguro ang paningin ng tao.

  7. Di ba sabi ko sau dati, mas maganda tayo now na medyo matured na tayo kesa nun? Di ako mahilig sa permed hair, nagmumukha akong Ita, kaya laging unat ang aking hair.


  8. you dont look bad at all.. uso naman yata ang telephone curl nun diba, bumabalik na nga sa uso ngayon.. I remember, yung yearbook ko pala nung prep ang pinaka ayaw ko ipakita, yung graduation pic, kaso wala naman akong kopya dito.. mukha kasi ako multo dun, kulot naman ang bangs ko lol

  9. uu nga. uso talaga perm dati, i think bumabalik nga ngayon at madami nanaman akong nakikita na naka-perm ang hair 🙂

    heres my share for this week's Gt


  10. sana me ganito din ako pic, kaya lang most of my pic na luma, wala ako dito… ganyan talaga mga pic non, ako nga super spray at gel at naku over sa kapal ng buhok, now eto manipis na kaka relax at rebond..:D

  11. Hi there 🙂 I think it's rare to find someone who loves their graduation picture. You don't look so bad here, uso naman ang kulot before eh. 🙂

  12. mommy rossel, you had ur hair permed pala? ok lang naman tong graduation photo mo. ako nung bata pa, i had my hair permed too. grabeh, disaster ang resulta!

  13. You don't look bad here…I didn't like my graduation picture either….

  14. ferry'zWILL says:

    Yun naman kasi ang uso yata Ms. Rossel nong mga days nyo.. hehehe

    Anyways, you don't look that bad in here…

    ** mukhang matagal ng tinago ang picture na yan Ms. Rossel…hehehe

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