What are Search Engines

Thanks to search engines. Surfing the Internet and finding information has never been easier. What are search engines by the way? For the benefit of those who are new on the web, though I wonder if there is still one, search engines are tools you can use to search information on the world wide web. They create website listings by using spiders that crawl web pages. Although results may vary from one search engine to another, it is best to use search engine if you are looking for specific information, as well as people, items, images, audios, videos news, softwares, etc. Think about words that best describe what you are searching for. The more specific you are, the more likely you will retrieve relevant results.

There are different kinds of search engines namely: the World Wide Web, Meta Search, White Pages and News Group.

The World Wide Web search engines are used for finding web documents. Google and Yahoo are examples of world wide web search engines.

The Meta Search is a search tool that sends user requests to several other search engines and databases and presents them to you on a single screen. Rapidshare Search is an example of meta search.

White Pages services are used for finding e-mail addresses, business listings, and telephone numbers.

Newsgroup search engines can help you find general ideas or discussions on specific topics such as religion, gun control, animal rights, the death penalty, politics or race relations.

Search engines data base are very large thus offering a wide variety and quantity of information resources. They are updated at variable rate and very easy to use.
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