What to Look for in a Hotel for Your Business Trip

The importance of wi-fi when you’re looking for a hotel for your business trip would seem obvious to many. Not all countries or even cities have easily accessible connectivity for business travellers, but it is fast becoming an essential for hotels who wish to attract a business clientele. Given the ease with which a poor service report can circulate on the internet these days, wi-fi services such as those supplied by My Port are expected to be reliable. A recent study of the top requirements for hotels booked for business trips found the following criteria were considered key, and many business travellers thought they ought to be offered at no charge.

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Free wi-fi

It’s not just the speed of the service that matters (although business travellers do consider this to be important), but its reliability. There are many horror stories floating around the world of international business travellers about wi-fi services cutting out abruptly, and severing a deal in the process. There are also nightmarish tales of sales reps racing around unknown cities, begging strangers for directions to the nearest hotspot or internet cafe. Not only does wi-fi keep business travellers in touch with their office, but it also allows them to stay in touch with their family. It’s not always easy being on the road and accommodations that appreciate this are likely to receive more business from grateful patrons.


Business travellers represent repeat business for hotels, so offering them a complimentary breakfast is good hotel business. Many large hotel chains already do this. For those smaller independent establishments who are wondering whether they can afford to offer such a competitive edge, it’s worth remembering that good reports travel quickly through respective industry networks.

Late Checkout / Early Check In

Most people travelling for business have to get a lot done while they’re in town; after all, they are there to work. Waiting around for their room until mid-afternoon doesn’t help them get the most out of every moment they’re on the ground, especially if they’ve travelled a long way and have meetings to attend or facilitate on the same day they arrive. For many business travellers, this is often the case as they fly in early to make the most of their first day in town. The same applies to their departure; if they can check out that little bit later, it can make a big difference to the way they structure their last day in town. Most business travellers will likely have booked a late afternoon or evening flight out. Not having to lug your bag around to the final few appointments before you leave can again, precipitate their gratitude.

The requirements for most business travellers appear fairly standard these days. This is because people travelling for work have more or less the same needs. They need to get in, get their work done, and leave – with as little disruption to their regular lives as possible. The more business-oriented hotels understand this need and cater to it, the more business travellers they will attract.

What do you look for in a hotel when you travel for business? Tell your story in the comments box below.

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