When Social Networking Sites Shut Down

Social networking sites have long been invading each and every one’s lives for quite some time. They almost become part of the core needs of being human these days. You won’t be able to feel you belong if you don’t have at least one of the most famous among them which is either Facebook or Twitter.

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These social networking sites managed to become one of the most effective tools in advertising as well. The business sector has been using them to conveniently announce their promos and upcoming events. Media personalities are also utilizing the tool to deliver what’s the latest

Just imagine if these social networking sites will have an outage even for just an hour like what recently happened to Twitter. It suddenly displayed a not-so pleasing statement saying that the site is down and their personnel are currently solving the problem. This happened at exactly 24hours before the start of the 2012 Olympics. Just imagine the bulk of information that were not sent during this time. Good thing they were able to solve the issue immediately.

It’s funny though that when Twitter users just can’t use it, they immediately rant their thoughts over Facebook and the same thing would happen if the same thing will happen to the latter.

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