Why I Prefer Blinds Over Curtains

When we moved to our house, I did not have any second thought what to use for our windows. Blinds were my only choice. I agree that both blinds and curtains are ideal window decorations but I still prefer blinds because maintaining it is easy and painless. It only needs to be dusted and wiped down to remove the dirt while curtains need regular washing. No, I am not lazy. I was just too occupied and do not have much time to wash curtains.

If I am not mistaken, the blinds we are using now are our third set for 10 years. The first two sets were just plain-colored but the set we are using now have tiny dots. And now that blinds become popular, there are so many choices as to the materials, colors and designs. Even the roller blind which is ideal for offices, schools and buildings, can be also used at home with glass walls and wide glass windows. It is available in fabric types including flame retardant, blackout, din-out and glare reduction so it is easy to find the perfect blind for your needs. They are available in different sizes and can also be made to your exact requirements.

What I love most about the blinds are we have the privacy we need yet we are able to control the light while retaining the ability to see outdoors and giving our house a cozy look.

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