Why I Want Longer, Fuller Natural Lashes

The role of the eyelashes is to protect the eyes from dust and other foreign particles to prevent them from getting infected. But for most women, eyelashes are beauty enhancers together with full lips and rosy cheeks. Long, beautiful eyelashes are every woman’s desire. Of course, natural looking long eyelashes are the best but not all women are blessed with that. I am one of those unlucky women and I envy women with long eyelashes because I find them sexy. I have been dreaming to have long eyelashes and bat them while talking to the man I like that is why I am so dependent on mascara. I have been using mascara since I entered college and that was 18 years ago. Today, this is how my eyes look like.

As I get older, my eyelashes get thinner. I know just like our head hair, our eyelashes shed and it takes four to six weeks to grow, but it seems like mine stopped from growing so I tripled my mascara application. The problem is, my eyelashes get heavier every time I am wearing mascara and I feel like I cannot open my eyes to its greatest extent. I remember when a friend asked me if I am wearing false eyelashes. Coming from a friend, it sure was a compliment but I felt so embarrassed. It just meant that my mascara was too thick. From then on, I stopped using mascara. Bye-bye battling eyelashes!

I was about to lose hope on getting long, thick and full eyelashes when I learned that I can grow them back the natural way through the help of iLash, an eyelash  and brow  conditioning gel that can give longer and fuller lashes and brows in as fast as 3 weeks. It is safe to use by people like me who have allergies. Because of that, it can be bought over the counter. No need for prescription to use this. Wow, this is a great Christmas gift for me.

I cannot wait to try ILASH® not only on my lashes but on my thinning brows as well. But before that, I should visit Oh, My Lash! to learn other benefits of ILASH®. Care to join me?

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