Why is Water Important

Manila Water is operational in our subdivision for 3 weeks now. At last, we have a clean and potable water that was long denied to us by our developer. It is fruit of the hard works of the officers of our homeowners association.

A clean water is important to sustain a good and healthy life. We don’t need to look only on the quality of water that we are drinking but also whether we are drinking enough water. The average human adult needs 8 glasses everyday or more. Water makes up 70-75% of the body weight of the human being. If we don’t drink water in the right quantity, we may face problems. A mild dehydration will slows down one’s metabolism by 3%. Yes, water plays an important role in the digestion of solid foods. And even a 2% drop in water can trigger blurry short term-memory.

Regular water consumption is essential for many functions of the body.
1. It helps keep blood circulation going.
2. It helps the liver in metabolizing the fat.
3. It helps with the protection and lubrication of joints.
4. It helps control the delicate balances of concentrations within the cells.
5. It helps protect the tissues and organs in the body.
5. It helps keep the salts in our body in a non-toxic form.
7. It regulates and maintains body temperature through perspiration.
8. It is essential for transporting hormones, nutrients and waste products around the body.

The bottom line is, aside from healthy diet and regular exercise, drink lots of water and you will be fine. That’s how important water is.

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