Why Pigs are Pink

Every time RJ draws a pig, she colors it pink. Then one time she asked me, “Mommy, why are pigs pink?” My little girl believes that Mommy knows everything so as not be embarrassed from my daughter I did some research.

Except of course from the wild pigs and boars, pigs are commonly white. But because of the blood vessels under their skin, they appear to be pink in color. The newly born piglets are more pinkish because they have thinner skin so blood vessels are more visible.

My in-laws pink pig tissue holder.

Seems like my daughter is not the only one who believes that pigs are pink.

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  3. oh i like this tissue holder so cute 🙂 thanks sa info rin about pig 🙂
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  5. i like that pink tissue holder mo rossel

  6. Actually, you will never see a pig that is colored pink although piglets may appear pinkish in color just like newly born mice. It was just common practice for cartoonists to color pigs pink. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  7. That conversation with your daughter is so sweet. I can’t wait for Una to speak clearly and ask me question about things that confuses her.

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  8. that is very cute; i love pig stuffs!

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  11. Thats funny because I had always thought pigs were pink too.
    Thanks for enlightening me.

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