Why Use Instagram as a Business

Instagram Instagram, making waves, is definitely the new social media site offering some definite benefits and advantages for businesses, especially, the smaller ones. Just a little behind Facebook and Twitter, the website gets millions of hits daily. Therefore it is no wonder to see businesses looking at Instagram for greener pastures. Before getting started, one should however understand all aspects of the new emerging social networking website. Although Instagram was launched just about two years ago, the interest in the website only spiked a couple of months ago. Today, the website gets millions of hits every week and is surpassed only by Twitter and Facebook.

Instagram is a common online pinboard, where anyone can display their favorite pictures and ideas on just about any topic and interest. This public display of personal tastes and interest connects many people sharing common interest. It has turned into a wealth store of ideas and information on just about any subject. An item may be re-pinned many times and may be viewed again and again but the viewers are always taken to its original site. This can be a great medium for some of the top brands and businesses to connect with the masses through images. Some big names that can be seen a lot on Instagram include HGTV,Better Homes & Gardens, West Elm and Whole Foods Market.

Crafting seems to be one of the most popular subject and thousands of people follow Martha Stewart Living on Instagram and many more keep track of the crafting boards. The ease of usage of the website and the interaction with the help of images is what drives audience to Instagram.

It has been observed that most pins at the website are r-pins. This means that most of the people are sharing ideas of others and this is what makes the site unique. Any wonderful idea or concept discovered by one spreads like fire among
millions. This can be a great tool that can be used by any business. And as for the users, they feel great if someone likes their idea and passes it on to others.

Instagram can be really valuable to boost the visibility of a company. Small businesses are already taking full advantage of this social networking site and busy connecting with their customers. The charm of Instagram charm lies in the expanse of its breadth of ideas and images. Make use of this new frontier with new tools and ideas for your business. Get started but with the concept of a small business in mind.

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