Why You Need Landlords Insurance

Letting out your property does not mean that you are no longer responsible for its care. As a landlord your need for quality landlords insurance is even greater to protect your investment. Most all rental properties face the risk of being damaged. Damage may occur due to adverse weather conditions accidents wear and tear or circumstances outside the tenant’s control. By getting adequate insurance coverage you can protect your property from these and any other risks you feel could threaten the value of your investment.

landlords insurance


Landlords insurance is an essential aspect of buy to let properties that should not be minimized or forgotten. These insurance policies can be catered to meet your specific preference and need. Most conventional policies will give you a choice of protection from storm damage floods natural disasters fire lightning theft etc. However you will need to specify on your policy what type of coverage and coverage amount you desire.

Other types of coverage include liability rent guarantee and contents insurance. If you have personal belongings inside your building such as furniture curtains rugs etc. contents insurance will cover any damage or loss of these items during the rental period. This coverage however does not extend to your tenant’s personal items and you should make it clear that they are responsible for protecting their own interests.

Finding an Insurance Company

The cost of landlords insurance will depend on the policy and company you choose. You can find reputable insurance companies by doing a search online. At the same time you can compare company policies and costs before deciding on which one to buy. You can also check through company reviews to see how previous customers rate particular insurance carriers for an indication of a company’s character and reputation.

Your insurance protection will only be as good as the company providing this service. Therefore it is worthwhile to look around and be selective in the company you choose. A U.K. insurance carrier that has been in the business awhile should have satisfied customers who can verify their services. Getting customer referrals can save you time and money in finding the right company to suit your needs.

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