Why You Should Always Do Your Research Before Going to a Mechanic

By Ethan Sagen

Whenever you take your car to a mechanic, you want to feel like you can trust that person. Your car is your connection to the outside world, and even if you own multiple vehicles, you might feel a special relationship to a specific model. Your car helps you run errands, get your kids to school and get to work, and researching your mechanic ensures that you find someone who cares about your car as much as you do.


Mechanics Always Have Different Levels of Experience

Did you know that not all mechanics go through the same amount of training and education? One mechanic might gain experience by working in a vocational program at school, while another goes through a shorter program after finishing school. Many car owners think that older mechanics have the most experience, which isn’t necessarily true. An older worker might be new to the field and switched careers at a later age, while a younger mechanic went through a long training process. Researching your mechanic before visiting the shop will help you find out how much experience he has.

Problems with Mechanics

The automotive industry suffers from a number of problems including high turnover. Workers know that if they lose one job, they can easily find another one in the field because most shops always need help. Those working in the automotive field can suffer from anger management issues, drug abuse and dozens of other factors that you never considered. When you research your mechanic, you learn how past customers feel about the people who worked on their cars and which mechanics they would use again.

Estimates and Actual Cost are Different

When you take your car to a repair shop, you should always ask for an estimate. The estimate tells you how much the mechanic charges for the job, but most people know that the estimate can change based on different factors. Always ask for a written estimate upfront and not a verbal estimate. When a mechanic gives you a written estimate, the worker will go out of his way to finish the job on time and for the cost quoted. If the mechanic changes the cost in the middle of the job, ask for written confirmation of any issues that led to the change in price. This helps you see exactly what happened and why the job cost more than estimated. If you learn more about your mechanic before work begins, you can see how often those estimates change.

Not All Mechanics Can Work on All Cars

Your car is your baby, and you want the mechanic to care about it, but not all mechanics can work on the same cars. If you own an import or a specialty model, never take your car to the first mechanic you find. Research the history of the company and its workers, ensuring that someone has experience working on your model. You also want to ensure that the mechanic with that experience is the one working on your car and not someone else. If you need more information about mechanics, head to for help.

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