Wise and Tough

I am not a genius definitely but I am always in the honor roll when I was in elementary and high school. How about college? Well, I was never included in the Dean’s list but I had no failing grades. In short, my parents never had a problem with me.

I love me mentally not in terms of memory because I am too forgetful, but the way I handle things. I had this mistake from the past that made me really tough and I want to thank the Lord for that mistake because now…

•    My brain withstands pressures and stress. It is very quick in thinking of solutions to any problem. So far, no problem has put me down.
•    I can decide on my own and rarely asks for others’ opinions and never gone wrong with my decisions. The best decision I have made is marrying my husband.
•    I am very open-minded and not judgmental. I like to know the sides of the stories before giving my opinions.
•    I am willing and yearning to learn new things in any aspects. You can correct me when I am wrong and I will not have any hard feelings about it.
•    I know how to accept my mistakes and I am not afraid to say sorry.

I may not be genius but I am wise and tough enough. How about you? Do you love yourself mentally?

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16 thoughts on “Wise and Tough

  1. Such a wisdom comes with age, and I hope one day I will be at least a little bit like you are dearie 🙂 I wish I knew how to make good decisions too, but unfortunately I am a super indecisive person :/ Probably because I was born as a Libra, cause Libra people tend to be like that. That is why I always doubt my decisions and question every step I take… Let's pray, that one day I will change for a better 🙂

    Thank you for leaving me a comment on my entry too 🙂 Have a nice weekend!

  2. Yes, mentally you are wise and tough. Nice to have those God given abilities. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. i think the last two items on your list are what essentially makes a person mentally healthy 🙂

    and yes, who needs genius? we're all perfectly imperfect the way we are 🙂

  4. hi sis thanks for the visit…i am not smart eheheh sabi ko nga maabilidad lang =)
    so parehas tyu…willing to learn and accepting mga corrections =P Hihihii I always have corrections from my husband lalu n sa grammar =)) lols.

  5. whoa! a wise and tough girl, most of the time talaga experieced made us tougher and wiser. Sweet mo Sis huh!! being married to your husband is the best decision you had made, aww!!! ^.^

    Happy Girls Talk

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