Wonderful Gifts From a Generous Mom

It was sad that I was not able to greet my Mommy friends last Mother’s Day. We went out of town in celebration of the Mother’s Day and didn’t know there was no internet connection to where we went. I was looking for net cafes but to no avail so I didn’t get the chance to go online and thank a very generous Mom.

Our group, Pinay Mommies Community, had this project of exchanging cards in celebration of the Mother’s Day. Each Mommy was assigned to send Mother’s day card to a co-Mommy in PMC. The receiver didn’t know as to whom her card will be from. Exciting, is it not? And so last May 6, I received not just a card but wonderful gifts from my secret Mommy, Levy Martinez of Levyousa and Living Life to the Fullest.


It was a wonderful frame stating how I am in God’s eyes…that God chose me to be a mother because He knew that I can bring love, joy, happiness and caring into His world. She’s so sweet!

Not only that, there are vouchers of more than 2K value inside an envelope…2 vouchers worth P450 each for anti-aging facial treatment at RCC and 2 vouchers worth P600 each at Secret Recipes. Teehee! I can now have a free facial. Indeed these gifts are wonderful!


What made me teary eyed above all is her letter. We haven’t met yet but she seems to know me very well. I never thought that I could meet real friends online.


To my secret Mommy (who is no longer a secret), Levy Martinez, thank you very, very much from the bottom of my heart! Hope to meet you soon, Mommy.

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4 thoughts on “Wonderful Gifts From a Generous Mom

  1. salamat na open ko din site mo mommy Rossel. Thank you sa post ha, ikaw kaya nakaka touch… enjoy mo yung mga vouchers again happy mother’s day 🙂

  2. another PMC card project!
    So sweet of your secret mommy Mommy Rossel..
    Again! galing ng gift.. at so generous!..ayan pamper yourself..hehehe..

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