Wrist Watch for Me

I am not using any wrist watch at the moment. I have three wrist watches but they all got broken almost at the same time. No, they are not imitations. They are all signature actually. One is a gift from my husband, I bought the other one two years ago and the third one is from my sister-in-law. I do not know what is wrong with these watches or is it how I use them?

My husband suggested that I should look for G shock watches as it is exactly what an active person like me needs. It could withstand shocks and rough wear so it would last for sure, perfect for me who does many chores and moves a lot. I browsed the net for G shock watches. I love the designs and yes, I cannot underestimate the quality of G Shock but I find them too funky. I think it would fit best my daughter.

When I saw this Invicta watch, I can’t help but say, “This is the watch for me”. I thought I would have a hard time looking for wrist watch that is defined by innovation and quality with impeccable craftsmanship and Swiss quality yet, affordable. But I was wrong. Just like luxury watches, Invicta watches performs to high expectations because it adheres to Swiss excellence in time keeping, very functional that is yet more affordable. What more can I ask for? It has all the qualities I am looking for a wrist watch not to mention that I like its sophistication.

Now, what I need to do is look for the best online store. But wait, it’s my birthday two weeks from now. Maybe I could ask this one from hubby as a birthday gift. What do you think?

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  1. Hazelicious says:

    I love watches. I want to splurge on watches kaso wala akong pambili hehehe

  2. Yes, you should ask your hubby for the watch hehe..try jomashop.com it sells watches for price lower than the malls…btw, happy birthday!

  3. Advanced Happy Birthday! 🙂 Sana your husband can read your post and buy it for you. Hehe. God bless!

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