Yes, I Love Myself Financially

Even I am a stay at home mom for almost nine years, I have never been a burden to my husband financially. I have tried to sell beauty products, RTW (we had a stall in Taytay market), general merchandise (we had a sari-sari store), etc. Until two years after I resigned from my job, we put up a little business that exists until now. We purchase products (shoes, bags, apparels) and we have dealers selling them. Hubby and I are partners; he does the purchasing, I do the paper works and I am also the one assigned on the collection of payments. Our income here is what we use in paying our bills; electricity, water, internet and house monthly amortizations. But when I started to earn from blogging last year, I earned extra that I can call my own money. The effort is purely mine, without any help from my husband even on technical aspects. And I am glad that hubby is very supportive of me. He even bought me new pc with lcd monitor. We use my earnings in paying a loan and buying some of our wants.

I hate bills and credit cards. I don’t have any credit card while my husband has three which we were using before for purchasing appliances but we paid all the credits last May and so is RJ’s whole year tuition fee.  And though we are not rich, our house is open to our family members, neighbors and friends in need be it financial or not. We are not asking for anything in return but they are so grateful so we have supply of imported bath soaps, free fresh vegetables, endless supply of chocolates, etc. (received a pouch of 400g. powdered juice and 3kg. of sweet corn while making this post, ehehe).

I can say that I love myself financially because I am very good in budget and finance. Sounds like bragging, lol! I can stretch our money even how little it is. I am also resourceful because I never ran out of earning opportunities and ideas.

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By Rossel

Graduate of B.S. Medical Technology but landed in the field of business and writing. She has gone from being a white-collared job employee to an entrepreneur because of the world's changes and demanding needs. She is currently maintaining 4 blogs with different niches such as business and finance, parenting and family, health and beauty, and home improvement.

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20 replies on “Yes, I Love Myself Financially”

This is the article that I am looking for. The information I get were really helpful for my research. Thanks for posting a blog like this.

wow! galing mo ate ross… ako I don't do the budgeting… kahit payment ng bills si hubby… haha!!! I don't hold our finances… di ko nga alam magkano na ipon namin… wahahaha!!! ewan ko ba, di na nga ako materialistic, wala din akong pakelam sa money… as long as ok kame and nakakapag hsare ako kahit papano, at syempre may savings, oks na ako…I just don't know if I'm a burden.. hahaha!!! di naman siguro kase di naman ako maluho…hehe

Congratulations dearie! I am so proud of you for being able to take care of your finances this well πŸ™‚ You are a role model for the rest of us πŸ˜‰ Thank you for dropping by my entry. Hope you are having a nice weekend <3

agree with K, you're just telling the truth. you can't help it if you're so great at handling your finances! sharing your blessings with other people and getting these stuff in return, you should know you're doing something right. ;p

That's very good, keep it up and you will be very rich in just a short time. Nothing beats patience and hard work in earning your keep in life. Sabi nga ni Villar, sipag at tiyaga. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

naks. galing mo naman nga magbudget. saka sabi nga "it ain't bragging if you really done it". hihi. it's more of appreciation of what we have, and realizing the good things in us πŸ™‚

see ya again next week! πŸ˜‰

something to be proud of! I wish I can be the same soon, earn some money from blogging and hopefully have my own business….

btw, thanks for leaving a note on my blog =)

Girl same here I dont have credit cards either, kasi inisip ko kung mag aaply ako credit card ganun din naman eh ilalabas mo pera pa din minsan may interest pa hehehe

Very impressive Ross. I am the opposite kasi I am not good in handling money but my husband taught me on how to handle money and save. I am learning. Hope I can keep it up.

way to go Rossel!!! buti ka pa wala ng credit card, wahhh! ako kaya kelan. Sarap kasing mangutang eh, hehehe. Ang secret lang naman eh budgeting di ba? ako naman kasi kapag konti kasya, at kapag marami kasya din..oh di ba? versatile…wala naman akong gusto, kundi ang mga anak ko eh maaayos ang mga damit,at kumakain ng kahit anong gusto nila..masama ba yun? (bitter eh noh?)

It's good that you have a business. I really like the part when you mentioned that you're not a burden to your husband. I share that same sentiment, it's one of the things I'm proud of. Whatever comes along your way, any blessings you really deserve it.

wow sis I salute to you!!! i miss powdered juice bakit kasi wala's all concentrated or fresh juice..miss ko na yong Tang or eight o'clock…Wow you're a wife described in Proverbs pala. You're such a blessing to your hubby:)

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