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YES to RH Bill

I am a true-blooded Catholic. I may not be a regular church goer but I am Catholic by heart, with Catholic ancestors and was born with Catholic parents. But this time I will oppose the Catholic Church belief against Reproductive Health bill. Though as of now, what my husband and I are using is the natural method of family planning due to health reasons, but if given the chance, I will not think twice to use the artificial method.
The RH bill is sitting in the house for fourteen years. How much long do we have to wait before it can be an act? The church is opposing the bill because of misinformations. They do not understand that the bill is not pro-abortion. It is pro-life and promotes informed choice and equally encourages natural and artificial family planning to reduce unwanted pregnancies and abortions. There is no doubt that this bill can help eradicate poverty and improve the quality of lives of most Filipinos. Is not the church happy with that?
RH bill is promoting responsible parenthood so I say “YESto RH bill!!!
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By Rossel

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5 replies on “YES to RH Bill”

I Agreed To This RH Bill. Hello Think Of It. The World Is Getting Heavy!! Geez!! Can The Catholics DO something to stop the philippines from overpopulation? and besides the church is church and Government is Government Dont Be a wolf in a sheeps clothing Duhh!! you just wanna show up in public that you care for the RH bill to blind the people and to keep your nose clean. though im also a Catholic Yet You fool the people. How can you let the people to carve idols infact that it is the one of the ten commandments of God! HOW Long would you still fool the people!!!! (sigh) i dont want to let my rage blind me. keep doing WHAT YOU THINK YOU WANT TO DO. In the end there will be justice!! Read THe bible and all of it really happends to these days!

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The church has no business to tell the state what to do since there is a clear separation of church and state. Pres. Noynoy is not only the President of Catholics but of the whole nation of different religious affiliation. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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