You’ll Never Go Wrong With Flowers

My husband seldom gives me flowers. May be because I am not the “trying to be cute” type of woman, he thinks I don’t like flowers. He does not know that even though I don’t gush over beautiful flowers, I still want to receive a bouquet of red roses once in a while most especially if they are given unexpectedly. He also thinks that it is not practical. Sigh!

To most men, giving flowers is impractical because women can’t get anything from it. It’s just a bunch of soft colorful petals. Besides, not all women love them.  Well, you are wrong. Here are the reasons why you should grow flowers in your garden.

  1. Though each woman has her own personality, receiving flowers would crack a grin on her face.
  2. Women are sensual. They respond stronger to their senses than men do. They love to see beautiful things, feel softness and smell fragrances. In short, they will appreciate flowers even they don’t love it.
  3. It is the best and easiest way to express your feelings…from romantic to friendly to something in between.
  4. Flowers can be given time and time again yet remain special.
  5. It can be grown in your garden. It doesn’t matter if it is red roses or not because it is not the flowers themselves that make her smile but the gesture and compassion that is enveloped in them.
  6. Giving flowers does not only draw positive responses to the receiver but to the giver as well. According to research, giving flowers elicits real smile.

Now that the Valentine’s Day is approaching, why not cut those flowers in your garden? I know there are many Valentines gift ideas but you’ll never go wrong with flowers. Convinced enough? Don’t get me wrong…we do not own a flower nor a gardening equipment shop. I am a woman so I know what a woman would feel once she receives flowers. It will make her giggle like teens. It will give her excitement and makes her feel special and loved.

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By Rossel

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