Your Boss is Watching You

When I was working on a telecommunications company, our supervisors had hard time monitoring our performance. We were 60 employees per shift per node. Each node has 3 shifts and the company has 6 nodes. All in all we were 1000 plus telecommunicators, 360 on morning shift, 360 on mid shift and 360 on graveyard.

Each of us has our own computer and receiving calls from clients. But there were employees who were skipping from work, just chatting or logging on Friendster without being noticed. I must admit, I was one of the guilty employees. Well, those were the days.

Today, employee monitoring is easy with the employee monitoring softwares available in the market. It helps the managers to keep track on how their computers are being used thus improve business performance. The current activity of all employees can be displayed on one screen at one time. What makes AktivTrak unique from other software is its strategy of building statistics based on the caption of the active window, for example, the title bar. The caption will contain the name of the document, the website, the subject of the email or other detailed information on the actual work being done so no more employees can use the office computer and their work time in chatting, Facebook, and other social network sites.

For those employees who are using computers in the office, beware! Your boss is watching you.

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