Left-Handed On Right-Handed World

I saw this posted on our refrigerator door last Sunday. This is my daughter’s gift to me last Mother’s day. I was touched because I saw her drawing something but I had no idea that it’s for me. This reminds me of my own drawings when I was her age. Like me, she has this passion for arts and she’s left handed too. Based on research, if you are left-handed, the right side of your brain which controls the visual and artistry of the person is more dominant. So this answers the saying that if you are left-handed you are artistic or creative.

About 10% of the world’s population is left-handed. Left-handedness is more common in males than in females. There does not appear to be any great disadvantage to being left-handed other than inconvenience of using some tools in our right-handed world.

Desks in school- How often do you see desk in school with the slab wood on the left side?

Ruler- the number seems to go the wrong way for a lefty.

Manual vehicle- it would be much easier for a left-handed person if the stick is on the left side.

Coffee mug- we are always looking at the plain side.

Computer- there’s no left-handed keyboard.

Wrist watches- all watches are made to be worn on the left hand making it hard for us to push the buttons.

Guitar- designed for right-handed or you reverse the strings.

Good to know that there are on-line stores for left-handed people like me. Anything Left Handed is an on-line store that offers tools especially designed for left-handed people that can help to make our task a lot easier.

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