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IT Terminologies : 7 IT Terms All Business Owners Should Know

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Many business owners hire an IT department or outsource to a Managed Service Provider, assuming that’s all they need to do on the IT front. While your team of IT professionals will certainly take care of the brunt of your tech-centric needs, it’s still important that you understand what they’re doing and have a grasp of the terminology they use. So, from cyber resilience to sandboxing, here are seven of the most important IT terminologies for business owners to know.

1. Cyber resilience

Cyber resilience refers, in part, to your company’s ability to prevent data breaches and cyber-attacks. If the worst occurs, a cyber-resilient company should also be able to bounce back quickly and efficiently, with the least amount of harm accruing for the business, its clients, and its stakeholders. If you don’t have a cyber resilience framework and cyber recovery plan in place, it’s highly likely that your business doesn’t have the level of protection it needs to thrive in the modern world.

2. Gap analysis

If your IT team is running a gap analysis, it means they’re seeking out performance issues in your system that may be causing lags and preventing you from achieving optimal operational efficiency. By pinpointing these problems, your IT team will be able to develop an informed strategy to address them efficiently. This is, as you can probably imagine, a far better approach than going by guesswork.

3. API

An application programming interface, or API, is like a connection point that allows different software components to work together. These interfaces are foundational to your systems and any customer-facing apps, websites, or programs your business offers. APIs are also the ideal place to start with any automation efforts you’re considering, with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) being an excellent add-on for any processes that can’t be automated via API workflows.

4. Agile development methodology

This approach to software development demands that everything from production to the implementation of new software should be managed in a streamlined way that allows for seamless collaboration across teams. Agile development reduces the amount of disruption experienced by end-users, making it central to an effective IT strategy.

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5. Virtualization

Virtualization will become increasingly important over the coming years as more and more activities are digitized. It refers to the conversion of IT assets that have traditionally been hardware-based to digital formats. This can be done with anything from your servers to your Operating System (OS), allowing for greater flexibility and a host of other benefits.

6. Endpoint security

Any devices used to access your system are considered endpoints. These computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices are crucial for your daily operations, but they are also targets for hackers who can use them as entry points to your system. This is why endpoint security is crucial for business owners to understand.

Endpoint security is achieved through both a proactive and reactive approach. With technology advancing rapidly and remote work taking over as a popular paradigm, this form of security is more important than ever.

7. Sandboxing

If your IT team is “sandboxing,” they isolate a certain app or program to run diagnostics or experiments. The program in question will have access to every resource it needs to operate. However, it will be otherwise isolated from the rest of your system. Sandboxing is a great way to test out code without putting the greater IT ecosystem at risk.

These IT terminologies are an excellent place to start. However, there’s no need to end your IT education here. By keeping up-to-date with common industry terms, you can communicate more effectively with your IT team and better protect your business.

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Good Video Games Power Up Life Skills

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A lot has changed in the world of video games since the first video console in 1972. Despite the criticisms of its effects on players the industry continued to evolve and grow. Aside from arcades and consoles, you can now play free video games online. Not just that, people also realized that playing these games can also be beneficial in developing skills for both kids and adults.

Video Games and Life Skills

Games whether virtual or in real life are often used as learning tools by educators or coaches. Perhaps more now that a lot of real-life activities like shopping, banking, meetings, etc. have their virtual counterparts already. Video games may have been primarily developed for fun and leisure but there are also studies on the positive effect of video games on one’s life skills. For one, the level of concentration and neurotransmitter surges that occur while playing helps in strengthening neural circuits. It is also believed that playing video games has a positive effect on developing higher-level thinking skills.

Areas of Development That can be Powered Up with Video Games

There are loads of video games out there that can help kids and even adults develop skills. You’ve got VR games, console games, and online games that help boost problem-solving, spatial, math, reading, and planning skills. In recent years multi-player games have also become popular and useful in developing the interpersonal skills of players.

Problem-solving, logic, and spatial skills. Puzzle, mazes, and pattern games are great for developing problem-solving and logic skills. These games challenge your ability to navigate and clear obstacles to achieve your goals. In doing so, players can analyze options and use logic to determine the best possible approach. There are several fantastic coding games available that may teach children to code without them even realizing it. The Code Panda is one such example. In this game, you help the Panda get to the Bamboo by using arrows to plot a clear route to it. Through Code Panda, children may explore coding while also learning the fundamental concepts.

code panda video gamescoding video games

Both adults and children have experienced extreme stress as a result of COVID-19. However, there are methods for overcoming COVID-19 anxiety. One example is coding. Coding can help children in learning coping skills throughout these uncertain times while their developing minds are particularly vulnerable.

Hand-eye coordination and fine motor coordination. Action, virtual sports, and shooting games whether online, VR, or console are great for developing hand-eye and fine motor coordination. Virtual sports games in VR and Wii allow you to mimic real-life movements so you also get a bit of physical workout from it. Minecraft and Medal of Honor are also great for developing both hand-eye and fine motor-coordination.

Planning, management, and Logistics. Simulation games are great for preparing kids for their future careers. Some games are very basic involving simple profit and loss scenarios like the Real Estate Tycoon. Property prices fluctuate in this game. Profiting from the arbitrage of buying low and selling high is the main objective.

real estate video gamesreal estate video games for kids

Such games educate children not only about money but also about the need of starting early with investments. By introducing children to the fundamentals of investing, you expose them to how businesses operate, how to grow money, and hopefully, how to choose investments wisely. Other games are more complex and would require planning and management and logistics. Examples of these are time management games with farms, restaurants, salons, or real estate themes.

Interpersonal Skills, Cooperation, and teamwork. There are multi-player video games that allow players to interact and work with each other. This can help develop interpersonal skills in kids as well as socially awkward individuals. Ideally, these games are played among friends or people within the same social circle. In any case, safety precautions must always be considered when engaging in multiplayer games. The classic game of Dungeons and Dragons has a multiplayer video game version too. Other popular role-play games that foster teamwork and cooperation are Mobile Legends, Clash of Clans, and Rise of Kingdoms.

Control Measures to Avoid the Adverse Effects of Video Games

Keep tabs on your game time. One of the negative criticisms of video games is that they can be addictive and people get hooked for hours. While this is true in some cases it is not so in the majority of cases. Striking a balance between real-life activities and video games is the key to enjoying the benefits gained from playing. An hour a day is reasonable as long as it doesn’t replace a more productive activity in real life. Nowadays it’s easy to keep track of time spent on games by checking your usage stats.

Choose games wisely. Not all video games have positive effects on kids and individuals. There have been games criticized for being too violent or promoting violence. To make sure that you’re getting only the good in your video games choose them wisely. This doesn’t mean that your games will be boring there are plenty of games with positive content that are fun, challenging, and exciting. Check the descriptive labeling and explore the games yourself before allowing kids to play with them. Parents who would like some guidance in choosing suitable video games for kids can check ESRB game ratings and similar websites.

Practice online safety at all times. There is always a potential threat from hackers online even in games. As such its important to be aware of dangers and practice online safety at all times.

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De-stress with Relaxing Online Games

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Video and online games have been on the receiving end of much criticism, but they can actually be good for you. Even video games of decades ago were regarded as addictive and therefore sap people of the time, attention, and sometimes even money that could be used for more important concerns. While this might be true in some cases, there are studies that show that relaxing online games are actually helpful in de-stressing as well as learning and developing certain skills.

A number of psychologists and mental health experts have delved into the way computer games affect people who play them. What these studies revealed is that these games offer positive effects in both children and adults alike. Although, experts are quick to note that, like everything else, playing these games should not be carried to the extremes. When used as ‘therapy’ for stress and strain recovery, for instance, these games have been found to be effective in reducing stress and easing fatigue. Even those with violent content (for adults) were helpful in stress reduction.

In the past couple of years, people have taken to gaming for entertainment and stress relief in the midst of lockdowns and pandemic restrictions. The video game industry in the US alone reported earnings of over a hundred billion dollars in 2020. But, there’s no need to be a professional gamer or a ‘marathoner’ blasting through every new release as they are launched. The growing numbers of regular Joes who are just looking for a way to while away a few minutes and de-stress have a whole genre of online games waiting for them to try out and play their stress away.

Relaxing online games from different genres can be played to relax and calm tired minds. A lot of these games are played alone against a computer, although there are some games that offer options to play against other players. Regardless, these low-intensity online games offer players a quick escape from their daily grind and benefit their overall mental health at the same time.

Here are some entertaining and relaxing online games to play to de-stress:


Solitaire is a classic game that has kept its popularity over the years. It’s simple and it has expanded to an assortment of variations to keep the game interesting and exciting for its players. For some, there’s something quite hypnotic about the way the games are played and how the cards ‘move’ on the table. Klondike is the traditional version of the game and is easy enough to learn and play. Other versions like Spider, Tri-Peaks, and Golf, are more challenging but even beginners can certainly find them enjoyable.

Match 3 Games

These games are easy enough to play as they simply require players to match three ‘items’ in a row to blast them from the screen. Their simplicity ends there are they keep things exciting with varying patterns in each level. Zuma Ball has 10 levels that get more difficult (i.e. the chain of colored balls move faster) with each level up. Zuma Legend has up to 100 levels. Candy House is a match 3 game similar to Candy Crush. The games are made more interesting with special pieces and varying layout designs.

Logic Puzzles

Logic Puzzle games are relaxing even as they stimulate the mind. They are great for keeping the mind sharp and focused. The object of these games is to find logical relationships to solve puzzles. Sudoku is a popular logic puzzle game that’s played online and in real life with pen and paper. To solve each puzzle, the player has to fill in grids with the numbers 1 to 9 without repeating the numbers in a row, in a column, or in each 3×3 grid. Daily 1 to 25 and HexNum are similar to Sudoku where the goal is to place numbers in their correct spaces/arrangement in the provided grids. Loop and Maze are relaxing online games with challenging connect-the-dots puzzles for those who do not like numbers to enjoy.

relaxing online games sodoku sodoku

Hidden Objects Games

For those who are more visual, hidden objects games are a great way to relax and de-stress. Garden Secrets Hidden Objects and The Palace Hotel are traditional games where players have a list of items to look for before their timer runs out. Usually, the timers in these games go shorter as the player levels up. Players also have to complete each level before unlocking the next level.

Word Games

Like Solitaire, a lot of word games have been around for a long time. Crossword puzzles and word search games are fun to play for wordsmiths. There’s also a word version of the popular Sudoku called Wordoku where letters are supposed to be placed on the grids instead of numbers. The finished grid will reveal a word spelled diagonally. For those who like a little bit of a time crunch, Letter Scramble is a fun and entertaining choice.

word searchword search online

There’s a lot for everyone to choose from when it comes to video and online games. These games have definitely become the entertainment of choice for many people today. And, that’s not really a bad thing according to psychologists and mental health experts. They are, in fact, some of the best ways to chill out, have fun, and keep the blues away. Go ahead and find free relaxing online games to de-stress and enjoy during your pockets of free time.

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5 Great SEO Tips To Use in 2021

 SEO tips – Photo from 123rf

2020 was tough for everyone, but the ongoing pandemic undoubtedly boosts online businesses. More and more local business owners start looking for online marketing strategies to adapt to the new challenges.

Web design and SEO services have been more and more popular among business owners, which has brought remarkable results to businesses. We are happy to share the following 5 top SEO tips in 2021.

Tip 1: Optimize on-page user experience

While there are numerous factors that affect the SEO ranking on Google search, a marketer should never ignore the importance of user experience. Google has always been updating and optimizing the algorithm to make sure that the useful website will be presented to the customers first. A business owner can focus on testing and checking the function and performance of the website by simply clicking on the tabs and buttons.

The step is to make sure that the customers can always find what they need. Nowadays, many websites also include interactive features to engage customers. For example, a clear teeth aligner provider can showcase the 3D model of the teeth aligners to help customers gain a good understanding of their work. After all, the user acquisition and retention rate is also an important factor for SEO optimization.

Tip 2: Optimize mobile SEO

There is no doubt that people rely on smartphones to do everything now. People will inevitably use mobile phones to check websites more often than before. Mobile SEO is becoming more and more important, so business owners need to check the aesthetics, function, and performance of the mobile version as well.

You should also make sure that your GMB account is nicely set up to provide customers with the necessary information. For example, if people are looking for something handy like remote starter installation for Acura vehicles, they will choose a nearby place. Therefore, a good GMB profile with nice reviews becomes pivotal.

2021 SEO tipsPhoto from

Tip 3: Enrich your content with videos and images

It is true that people are more likely to watch videos than reading long paragraphs now. It is recommended to enrich content by including videos, images, infographics as well as more interactive features on the website. The multimedia content can also help customers stay longer on the pages. This is especially important if you sell visually appealing products. For example, if you sell custom drapery in Toronto, you should definitely showcase all kinds of beautiful curtains you have made for your clients, which will attract more people from Instagram or YouTube.

Tip 4: Produce more quality content

Content is still the King in 2021. If marketers produce useful and meaningful content that engages more customers, they can definitely send good signals to Google. Marketers can take time to talk to the customers and try to understand their needs so as to generate blog posts, video tutorials, or social media posts. For example, if you offer mobile tire change in Mississauga, you can write useful content about tire maintenance as well as tire storage tips for customers.

Tip 5: Consider voice search strategies

If people look around your home, they probably can find Alexa, Google assistant, or other voice assistance tools. As a result, voice search has become an indispensable part of SEO strategy. While traditional type-in search could be short and concise, voice search is more like a long sentence. People can say “the nearby reliable appliance repair company in Brampton”, and the Alexa or Google Assistant will automatically provide a few reliable results.

SEO strategies have no right or wrong answers, and the most important thing is to stay on top of the trends. The experts from Gilmedia will provide professional SEO services to help clients’ businesses thrive in 2021.

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5 Reasons Why People Love Shopping Online

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Shopping online became more popular ever since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease started to spread rapidly throughout the world.  Because most countries have been put under different levels of quarantine, several people have resorted to online shopping instead of visiting physical stores and going through the risk of being exposed to the virus.

Many people became more eager yet hesitant to purchase products from the internet. They think that shopping online tend to perceive a higher level of risk  because they cannot see, smell, and touch the products before buying.  If you are one of these people, you still probably have not known its perks. Here are five reasons why most people shopping online.

You can check reviews

What’s worse than spending? It is spending on something that is not even worth your money! Imagine walking into a store, buying something, going home, and finding out that you bought something that is way too far from your expectations. That would definitely be a complete disaster. Fortunately, shopping online means that you get to read a bunch of reviews from your fellow customers. Reading their reviews will help ensure that you will get your money’s worth.

shopping online

Photo by PhotoMIX Company from Pexels

You can avoid crowds

If you’re an introvert, or a normal person who hates crowds, or even just someone who feels awkward whenever a salesclerk approaches you, you may find shopping online a little more convenient than physical shopping. Shopping online is simple. You can stay at home, bring out your phone, and voila! No crowds, no salesclerks, no pressures, just peace and bliss. Sweet!

They’ve got it all

Have you ever felt so annoyed for going through the bother of driving to a mall, searching for a store, asking for a product, and finding out that it already went out of stock? Good for you, shopping online means access to hundreds and millions of products that vary from home essentials, cosmetics, clothing, and even gadgets. You can even buy the latest cell phones online! You will never have to worry about products going out of stock again plus your choices are unlimited.

Cashback and Rebates

A cashback is a credit card benefit that has the ability to refund a small percentage of the total amount of purchases to the cardholder’s account. These rewards can be applied to a credit card bill and can also be received as a check or a bank account deposit. Rebates, similarly, refers to the return of a portion of a purchase price to the buyer. Stores pay online shops commission for every successful transaction made, and these online shops share the commission with you as cashback. For example, in Rakuten, you can get up to 40% cashback at over 2,500 stores.


Shopping online is undoubtedly convenient. It can be done anytime and anywhere. You do not have to go through the bother of getting ready, driving all the way to the mall, carrying heavy shopping bags, and getting stuck in the traffic while driving again all the way home. Sending gifts to your family and friends can now be done easier, too. You just have to order online then send them directly to your loved ones. Some online stores give special favors like including cards and even free shipping!

You may now bid your goodbyes to those hassle and annoying “mall hours” and long checkout queues most especially now that you have to practice social distancing. Say hello to more variety of products, easier price comparisons, and better prices. All thanks to this trending and new method of shopping!

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